Iain was born in England on 27th February 1960, sharing his birthday with his favourite artist, Joaquin Sorolla (born 1863).

He first started painting whilst at Winchester College, exhibiting works in the school exhibition and the Winchester Fine Art Gallery.

In 1978 Iain moved to London where he worked for Cluttons and then the Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Estate. He qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 1983. In 1991 he set up a consultancy practice to advise large UK companies on public relations and political lobbying.

In 2005, Iain and his wife, Pamela Rose, moved to France, eventually settling with their 3 children (Guy, Edward and James) in Revel, a fabulous market town between Toulouse and Carcassonne in South-West France.

Whilst he had kept up his painting and drawing in his spare time in England, the move to France enabled Iain to devote himself more fully to the study and practice of art and he was very fortunate to gain considerable help and advice from a number of leading artists, including Aldo Balding, one of the UK’s top figurative and portrait painters.

Nowadays Iain works almost exclusively in oils which he finds the best medium to capture the light and atmosphere of scenes.

Iain is currently based in Surrey.